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Shopping isn't what it used to be. Forget the crowded malls and limited hours. E-commerce has exploded in popularity, offering a shopping experience that's tailored to today's busy consumer. With just a few clicks, you can browse millions of products, compare prices with ease, and have your purchases delivered straight to your door. It's no wonder e-commerce is on the rise! But what exactly is driving this trend, and how can businesses capitalize on this massive shift in consumer behavior?

Brilinxoft caters to the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape by crafting custom software solutions. We design platforms to fit any business need, from niche online stores to large-scale marketplaces.

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We create e-commerce for every taste

Development of mobile and web applications

We will create a convenient and intuitive interface for your store, available on iOS, Android and web platforms.

Market by your rules

We will develop a unique trading platform that will meet your needs and visual style.

Development process

The development process of financial software consists of several key stages that guarantee the creation of a reliable and secure product.

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Requirements planning and analysis

At this stage, by analyzing customer data, we can pinpoint the most impactful features, functionalities, and technologies needed to build an e-commerce platform that drives sales and customer satisfaction.


Design and development

Leveraging your requirements, our team of experts meticulously designs the software architecture, writes efficient code, creates intuitive user interfaces, and seamlessly integrates all necessary components to bring your vision to life.



The software undergoes meticulous testing throughout development. This ensures we identify and rectify errors early on, guaranteeing all functionalities meet your specific requirements. Before launch, we conduct rigorous quality checks and testing to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Implementation and deployment

We bring your software to life by deploying it in your environment, including setup, configuration, and user training.


Support and maintenance

Implementation is just the beginning. We provide ongoing support, including bug fixes, updates, new features, and user assistance.

Success Stories

Sviy marketplace

[ Sviy ]


Sviy is an eCommerce local food online marketplace that values the quality, freshness, and naturalness of food. Also, this is the platform where people are interested in supporting local production and the economy.

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Start to build high-grade development solutions for your business purposes using these technologies. From startups and SMEs to large enterprises.


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